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Tooth Stem Cells Lead to “Huge” Improvements in 20 Patients Treating Autism to Diabetes

  Over the past 10 years, we’ve extracted and stored millions of stem cells from teeth. Now, the first wave of members to retrieve their banked cells are becoming real-world success stories, putting them to work in treatments for conditions like autism, diabetes, and cerebral palsy. Whether it's to discuss a new scientific discovery, a patient recovering from a debilitating illness, or an elite athlete undergoing treatment, it seems like every day stem cells are in the news. And as one of the most exciting fields of ... Read more

Scientists Use 3D-printed Bone Implants to Repair Spines and Skulls

US scientists use 3D-printed artificial bone to repair broken spines and skulls in animals, kicking off the early stages of cheap, on-demand bone implants to fix spinal, cranial, and other skeletal injuries. Although we don't think of it as such, bone is an organ of the body that, just like the heart, liver, and lungs, is composed of many types of tissue and performs many different functions. When extensive damage disrupts these tissues, like in a bone fracture, they can fail to heal properly ... Read more

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Stem Cells

  How well do you know your stem cells? For many people, the mere mention of stem cells, whether it be research, new trials, or breakthrough treatments, conjures up a cocktail of mixed emotions. You may first grimace and recall the great stem cell debate, in which the act of growing embryos and extracting their stem cells for research purposes was prohibited. Or you may smile and picture Dolly the sheep, the first animal cloned from an adult stem cell. Whatever your response, it's likely ... Read more

5 Parenting Tips For Raising The iPhone Generation

In an age when children spend more than half of their waking hours online, it's important as parents to know how to foster good digital habits and etiquette in the home. Just like the physical world, we all need to learn how to live in the world wide web. For starters, we need to learn to manage our time, sift through information, behave in an appropriate manner, interact with others, and find the tools and resources we need. But, unlike the real world, the web ... Read more

6 Annoying Things All Kids Do and How to Deal With Them

A series of books would be more appropriate for exploring all the annoying things that kids do – but when would we get a moment alone to read them? Here we take a brief look at 6 of their favourite and most disruptive weapons and describe how you can make sure you always have the upper hand. Young kids are always finding new ways to annoy us. One minute they're sticking to everything like glue and asking us "Why?", the next they're ... Read more

University of Sheffield Are Using Tooth Stem Cells To Return Hearing To The Deaf

From a mild loss of hearing to a profound impairment, deafness is a health concern on the grandest of scales, affecting up to ten million people in the UK alone. But scientists may have finally found an effective solution, and it's been hiding right under their nose. Whether it's losing the ability to hear your friend on the phone, not being able to make out what your kids are saying behind your back, or having to crank the TV up to maximum volume, ... Read more

Ophthalmologists Use Tooth Stem Cells To Help Treat Blindness

Now our diet is softer and the size of our jaws has reduced, our wisdom teeth are considered nothing more than an inconvenience. But scientists may have found a new use for them and other discarded teeth, in a study that demonstrates they can treat corneal scarring and even reverse blindness. Some believe they are 'the windows to the soul', or that they can tell if someone is lying by looking deep into them, but whatever you think about our eyes, there's ... Read more

Scientists Identify ‘Fountain of Youth’ Gene That Reverses Cellular Ageing

Stem cells can restore and regenerate all cells, tissues, and organs in the body. But like other cells, they grow old and become less effective over time. Scientists have now discovered a gene that may change this and keep our stem cells, and consequently us, young – eternally. However much you want to believe it's real, the fountain of youth – where you can drink or bathe in divine waters and restore your youth – is nothing more than a myth based on wishful thinking. The ... Read more

A Step Closer to the Clinic For Stem Cell “Heart Patch”

A plaster-like patch that can help the heart heal on its own – it's not the stuff of science fiction but a treatment that's being tested today by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Not only that, their revolutionary study marks the last big hurdle before progressing to human trials. A heart patch. No, it's not something you give your teenage daughter after a difficult break up with her boyfriend. Although that would be handy, this heart patch has bigger objectives in ... Read more

The Side Of Stem Cell Therapy Nobody Tells You About

It’s hailed as everything from the cure to ageing, to the solution to combating the greatest health concerns of our age — diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. But more recently a darker side of stem cell therapy has emerged, with growing concerns over clinics offering unregulated treatments and even damaging the health of their patients. Providing you don’t live under a rock, there’s no doubt you’ll have heard all the hype around stem cell therapy, especially with recent headlines like, "Cancer cure ... Read more
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