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BioEden Tooth Stem Cell Bank releases 17 donor samples

Following 10 years offering tooth stem cell banking to parents all over the world, BioEden is pleased to confirm there have been, 17 individual releases of material for stem cell therapy, to date. Almost every day we see new reports highlighting developments in stem cell therapies; further promise that more and more major illnesses and diseases will one day be cured by the use of stem cells. The reality is stem cell treatment is not new, in fact it has been changing ... Read more

BBC visits BioEden

Last week the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) visited the BioEden processing facility in Scotland for an article that featured on BBC One's 'Reporting Scotland' on the 26th November 2016. In case you don't live in Scotland, or if  you do but you missed it, you can click here to access the full story written by Ken Macdonald, BBC Scotland Science Correspondent. Contact us today to find out how we can help safeguard the health of your children by storing stem cells from milk teeth.                 Read more