Prepare for when your child’s milk teeth fall out by opening an Access Membership account.

Access Membership enables you to save for the stem cell storage plan that is right for your family.

Monthly Subscription Plans

The higher your monthly subscription and the earlier you start saving, the less you pay towards your child’s future tooth processing and laboratory fee.

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Membership includes £100’s worth of exclusive benefits:

£50 credit towards your child’s
tooth processing and laboratory fee

£25 annual credit on your
child’s birthday (up to age five)

Free BioEden Tooth Collection Kit
(worth £45)

Today’s prices locked-in
for the future

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We will send you a tooth collection kit
on or around your child’s fifth birthday,
so you are prepared to act when a
tooth is available.

The value you build up in your account
will be credited to your future storage
plan prices… more value in your
account means more savings!

Storage plan prices

Tooth Collection Kit

Tooth Collection Kit
(Free for Access Members)

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Tooth Processing and Laboratory Fee

Tooth Processing and
Laboratory Fee
*If the value of your account exceeds this fee, you will have nothing to pay

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Monthly Storage Plan

Monthly Storage Plan
£12.95 per month
*Any additional value in your account will be credited to storage plan costs

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For information on alternative pricing plans, including annual and longer term payments, please contact us on 0208 4770 336

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