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Why Bank Your Child’s Cells?

Using personalised cells will become the medical treatment of choice – but you need to be able to use your own cells to take advantage.*

Your child’s cells are their only perfect match – no rejection, no search or appeals for a donor – ensure their cells are already banked and ready for use.

Younger is better – as with the rest of our bodies, cells age over time, so banking cells when they are young ensures they retain their optimum potency.

*Harris Report 2007

Why Cells from Teeth?

Recovering cells from milk teeth is safe, simple, non-invasive and requires no medical intervention.

Cells from milk teeth have the greatest potency and potential for therapeutic application, allowing for more treatment options.

As the world first tooth cell bank we promise to:

  • Provide you with a telephone helpline 24/7 so we may answer any questions that you may have
  • Keep you fully informed at every stage of the process, by telephone and in writing
  • Promise that if we cannot obtain viable cells from your first tooth, we will repeat the process with subsequent teeth at no cost to you
  • Guarantee that we will store only viable cells, and have them ready for when you have need of them. Cells harvested in the UK will be securely held in our UK facility
  • Communicate regularly with all our Members, to inform you of any news and developments
  • Never stop exploring the science

Banking cells with BioEden is as easy as 1-2-3