Our mission is to make stem cell therapy
accessible and affordable to all

Take a look at the price of storing your child’s precious stem cells – its probably less than you think – and whatever your requirements there is bound to be a pricing plan to suit you!

Storing your child’s tooth cells could be the best decision you will ever make. The Harris Review predicts that 1 in 3 of us will need stem cell therapy in our lifetime and the chance of getting a match from a public stem cell bank should you need one is 1:50,000.

The cost of reducing those odds for your child to 1:1 by storing their own cells is probably less than you think – and there are various pricing plans from single payment through to easy instalments available to you. There are even incentives available for longer term storage and/or starting long before your children are ready to shed their teeth. Take a look below – and if you can’t find anything that suits give us a call on 0800 083 5164 and we’ll discuss your options.

Enrolment & Processing
See what's included in your enrolment and processing package (click here)
  • Your personalised Collection Kit delivered to your preferred address
  • Clear and simple instructions on how to use your kit
  • Access to Members Helpline 24/7
  • Collection of your child’s tooth when it has fallen out
  • Blood sample testing
  • Tracking progress of cell isolation
  • Isolation of the tooth cells from the dental pulp
  • Testing and evaluation of the cellular material by our scientific team
  • The guarantee to test subsequent teeth for viable cells free of charge to you, should the first tooth contain no viable cells
  • Validation Certificate

  • PLUS first year’s storage
Single Payment Price
Per child £995.00
10% discount for children under 6 £895.50
Family Discounted Call us
Easy Payment Plan
£295 deposit and £35 per month for 24 months
Storage Plans
See what's included in your storage package (click here)
  • Your viable tooth cells are cyropreserved at our safe site
  • Two separate samples are safely stored
  • The guarantee that only viable cells are stored, that they will be free from microbial contamination, and that we will have them ready for your future use
Period Price
20 years £1,250
Annual £95.00
Monthly £9.50
The first year’s storage is
included in your enrolment fees
Early Starter Plans
Age of child Payments Per month
Less than 1 72 £12.44
1 60 £14.93
2 48 £18.66
3 36 £24.88
4 24 £37.31
5 12 £74.63

Still don’t find what exactly suits your needs?

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"I didn’t account for the strength of feeling of safety for my children’s future health that BioEden has provided"

Mrs S H Warwickshire

You can enrol a child from birth onwards, the earlier you join the more affordable it can be. Call us to find out more.
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